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Getting a DUI can be a life-changing event. Sometimes, we take our driving privileges for granted and we only realize that after they are taken away from us. Losing your driver’s license can impact both your personal and professional life in a very adverse way. Simple tasks, such as getting to work or going grocery shopping, get very hard all of a sudden.

The attorneys at The Harwell Law Firm, P.A. understand that the situation you are in may feel overwhelming and hopeless. Please, know that the drunk driving charges against you do not necessarily need to result in your driving privileges being revoked. A skilled and experienced DUI  lawyer can help defend your case in court and get the result you are hoping for!

Myrtle Beach DUI Defense Lawyer

Our founder, Baxter Harwell, is a Myrtle Beach DUI defense lawyer who has been helping his clients in all types of traffic cases for the past fifteen years. This experience and dedication to our clients allows us to differentiate ourselves from other DUI/DWI law firms in the Myrtle Beach area.

If you, a family member or a loved one needs an attention of an experienced Myrtle Beach criminal defense attorney, please contact us right away to arrange for an initial consultation. Our firm focuses on criminal defense and all kinds of traffic cases including DUI/DWI, auto accidents, license reinstatement, and speeding tickets – let the skill and experience of The Harwell Law Firm, P.A. defend your case in the Court of Law!

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